Find your dream job in 7 steps

Find your dream job

Are you happy every day to go to work? Or can you not find your turn and are you even at home with a burn-out? If you do not know what you like, finding the ideal job is difficult. But if you know what gives you energy and what kind of job suits you, it’s time to work on it, literally! With these tips, you come to a step closer to your dream job.

Find tips for your dream job

These practical tips help you to determine what your dream job is and to actively work towards it.

– How important is it for you right now to find your dream job? 
What type of situation are you currently in? Do you have money problems, are you overstrained or are you bored at work? It is important that you have a good motivation to find a new job, independent of the money. Ask yourself if you could do the work that you do now over the next ten years. Only with positive energy will you achieve positive results.

– What are you good at? 
Ask yourself what you are good at. Where is your passion, what do you get energy from? This is what you have to make your work out of. That does not necessarily mean that you have to start for yourself, but it helps you to think in the right direction. Working from your passion and talent gives the most satisfaction. A good assignment is to write down where your talents are and what you like to do. You can also ask tips from people around you.

– Write down where your ideal job meets 
What is important to you in a job? Do you want to work independently, work in a team? Do you ambition a management function or not? Is freedom important to you? Do you want to work full-time or part-time? Write everything down and set priorities to determine which requirements the job must satisfy, and what is a side issue.

– The preparation 
By writing out what you want, you will discover that you may have to take certain steps: a course or training, developing a certain skill or product. And of course a nice LinkedIn profile, CV and motivation letter for if you want to work as an employee. Maybe you need a nice website as a freelancer? Whatever the case, start preparing and take the first steps to your new career!

– Give it time 
When you switch jobs, you have to give yourself the time. Make mistakes and learn from them and do not be disappointed if it is not a success at once: everything has to grow.

Have you already found your dream job?